Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Meeting Of The Mindless In Hempstead Town. . .

. . .Or, Three Hen In A Room

Oh, we didn't create this TV spot (credit the Nassau County Democratic Committee), but its as good as it gets vis-a-vis Town of Hempstead politics.

Kate "Murraygram" Murray (Town of Hempstead Stuporvisor), Joe "Am I still breathing, or did Tom Gulotta just walk into the room" Mondello (Nassau County GOP Chair, and NYS GOP Chair, once removed), and Christian "Are there really Zoning Laws?" Browne (member of the Town of Hempstead ZBA, GOP candidate for Nassau County Legislature, and one of Nassau's original Brownefields), team up in this smoke-filled room homage to a patronage system that, aside from going back 100 years, keeps on giving, and giving, and giving to cronies, lackies, and family, while taking, and taking, and taking some more from Town of Hempstead taxpayers.

This would all be extremely hilarious if everything these talking heads have to say wasn't so terrifyingly true.

You really want these folks in elected office, saying they represent you, but truly representing only their own selfish interests? Really???

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd. VOTE!

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