Thursday, October 22, 2009

"New Face, Fresh Start"

Gaspare Tumminello Challenges Long Time Incumbent In Nassau's 8th LD

Democrat Gaspare Tumminello's campaign slogan is "New Face, Fresh Start." The new face is his. The fresh start is what he hopes to give residents of the 8th Legislative District, where the incumbent, Republican Vincent Muscarella, has coasted to victory in every election since the Nassau County Legislature was formed.

Tumminello is a lifelong resident of Franklin Square. Muscarella hails from West Hempstead. And this is shaping up to be quite the battle. One might say, a choice between yesterday and tomorrow, or, more aptly, between the status quo and, as Gaspare Tumminello says, a fresh start.

We thank Gaspare for responding to our call to post on The Community Alliance blog. We again invite Vin Muscarella to do likewise. [Vin, we'll even post your photo (circa 1976). LOL]
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New Face, Fresh Start

"I am a Man on a Mission." I am running for Nassau County Legislator of the 8th District, which encompasses Garden City, Garden City South, Stewart Manor, West Hempstead, Franklin Square, and portions of Elmont and Floral Park.

As the only child of immigrant parents, my parents instilled in me early in childhood that in order to succeed in life, both professionally and personally, one must set high goals and work hard to achieve them. At first, I was driven to excel in school because I could not bear to disappoint my parents. Today, I am most driven by my own burning desire to become a public official.

H. Frank Carey High School in Franklin Square, New York helped me develop into a responsible young man who takes education seriously. I joined baseball, basketball, and was part of the music program. These extracurricular activities taught me three critical ingredients in order to become successful: how to work as part of a team, how to work harder than I thought possible, and how to communicate effectively, both verbally and through writing. High School also taught me how to manage my time, keep up with my work, and how to thrive on my own. My high school development helped prepare me for attaining a B.A. in 2005 and my Master’s in 2007 at St. John’s University.

When I commenced my graduate studies at St. John’s University I already had a long burning desire to become a public official: someone whose representation could dramatically improve the lives of others. However, as a consequence of my college studies, most especially in my major of government and politics, I concluded that becoming a public official was not only a romantic kind of quest it was also the right fit for me and my dreams, both professional and personal.

My goal is to pursue becoming a public official, which will allow me to build a career based on helping people and fighting for their rights. I am particularly interested in becoming a public official, advising citizens on how to address their troubles and frustrations while trying to make a living. My practical and moral education at St. John’s University has given me the knowledge and confidence to use my abilities to solve complex problems.

"I would like to bring Youth and Transparency to County Government."

Notwithstanding a heavy employment schedule, voraciously, I have taken advantage of that opportunity as suggested by my 3.61 G.P.A. in my government and politics undergraduate major and my 3.64 G.P.A. in my master’s study in that field. As a consequence of my college studies, my desire to help others, as a public official, has become fortified. Intellectually, the position would afford me a challenging avenue to learn and grow. Personally, I view my becoming a public official as an ideal way to fulfill the highest possible calling: to help others.

My current employment by Nassau County Government as a Deputy Commissioner has helped me understand government away from the classroom and dealing with everyday situations. I have initiated and planned the online surplus auction process and was part of an initiative to put inventory controls in place, which allowed Nassau County to save 23 million dollars. Initial results of disposed unwanted surplus yielded over a million dollars.

I am also involved in the community as well. I am currently a member of Son's of Italy Lodge 2245, Franklin Square Chamber of Commerce, the West Hempstead Rotary Club, Long Island Breakfast Club and Nassau County Young Democrats.

As the only child of immigrant parents, who both depend upon me heavily to deal with the difficulties of living in a foreign land, and being destined, quite happily, to marry my eight-year girlfriend, I am more than amply motivated not only to become your legislator but also to fight for everyone in the 8th district. Given the opportunity, I would do whatever I could to bring further honor to my family and work exceptionally hard for everyone in the district.

"Together, let's write a new chapter in the history of our community.

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