Monday, October 26, 2009

You Be The Judge

An Official Voters' Guide To The Judiciary

"Justice is blind," or so the saying goes, and the judiciary is looked upon by the public as impartial, fair, and above the political fray.

Of course, just look at the ballot -- and the lawn signs -- and you will note that our judges, or at least so many as are popularly elected, are candidates of one political party or the other.

While obligated to serve the law and administer justice without bias, does the underlying political allegiance make strange bedfellows? Are important decisions that impact upon all of us made along party lines or based upon political favor or favoritism?

Do we simply vote party line, for a name that's familiar, or do we actually try to learn about the backgrounds, mindset, and temperaments of the judges we elect?

The Community Alliance makes no endorsements of judicial candidates this year. That said, your endorsement, and, ultimately, your vote, should be both knowledgeable and informed.

The New York State Court System has a non-partisan website which gives voters the opportunity to learn about judicial candidates.

It some instances, the site gives you no more than the name of the candidate. [Well, it's a start. You can, and should, do your own candidate research (a Google search, perhaps?) from there.] In other cases, there is a link to the candidates' bios.

Click HERE for Nassau County judicial candidates.

Click HERE for Suffolk County judicial candidates.

It's always a good idea to know, to whatever extent possible, where those who represent you actually stand on the issues. This is perhaps even more of a prerogative as it applies to those who may well be asked to decide the issues that impact upon our very future on Long Island!

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3. VOTE!
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COMING SOON: That "warm and fuzzy" tax freeze in Hempstead Town.

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