Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kristen McElroy Lives!

Website, Facebook For Dem Challenger In Town Of Hempstead

Do our eyes deceive us? Is Kristen McElroy, Democrat for Town of Hempstead Supervisor, actually mounting an 11th-hour campaign? Could it be?

Well, McElroy now has a website -- other than the one which has her running for Senate against Kemp Hannon -- and, would you believe, a Facebook page. [True, the first two comments come from supporters who reside in the Town of NORTH Hempstead, but hey, you have to start somewhere!]

Check out Kristen McElroy's website at and her Facebook page at

Why, Kristen is even twittering at Twitter. Would you believe?

And you thought Kristen McElroy was just a figment of Jay Jacobs' imagination.

Is it too little, too late, for Kristen? Or the beginning of the end for Kate? A last gasp for McElroy, or a longshot's sprint to the finish of Kate "The Murraygram" Murray?

Let's just say -- most optimistically -- that, in the Town of Hempstead, its too early to make that call.


  1. I think the Community Alliance woke up the Democrats and Kristen McElroy out of their deep sleep. Hopefully Kristen McElroy can really challenge Kate. The Town of Hempstead needs new blood.

  2. She has ZERO chance of unseating murray. the last stronghold for the republicans in nassau is TOH and they are not going to give it up-murray is too entrenched,has mega $$ and owes too many political favors.

    Id like to see change but McElroy is the like the rest of the nassau dems,except suozzi- TOO LITTLE AND TOO LATE.

  3. When you consider the incompetence of the Murray regime, she ought to be an easy target for any aggressive candidate, but I agree with the previous comment: McElroy's already late and she (as well as the Democratic party) are just mailing it in. The rotten truth is that there will no real campaign for Hempstead supervisor; and I'm not even sure the County Executive race will be very competitive either. Regardless of how one feels about the incumbents or the challengers, there ought to a legitimate campaign, but you do get the feeling that the Democrats are abdicating in Hempstead, and the Republicans aren't really mounting a serious effort against Suozzi either. My guess is that the leadership of the respective parties met one day over lunch at a diner (probably they both had boloney sandwiches) to decide how to divide Nassau's political turf in a way that might work for them, but sure doesn't do much for the voters.

  4. I agree with commenter #3-

    Mangano is also a day late and a dollar short. all he has done is these stupid "robocalls"-the third one arrived on my home phone today. doesnt his campaign understand that all these do is anger a potential voter-possibly to the point where either folks vote for the other guy,or dont vote at all.

    I also agree-and we'll never know-if there was some secret deal to divide both the county and the town between the democrats and the republicans. in nyc less than 8% of registered democrats voted in the recent runoff,if we get 10-12% turnout on election day it will be nothing short of a minor miracle.

  5. it wouldnt surprise me in the least if the leadership of both the dems and the repubs decided to divide nassau.

    way back in 1971,former queens boro president donald manes sat down in a diner with the former queens republican head. ( forgot his name) manes unrolled a big map of queens county;all marked up with dark lines. he then pointed and said,"everything here is mine;and whats left is yours".